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When businesses need to verify their projects they usually do not bother to do this on their own since it does not make sense – there is a probability that the checking will not be efficient.  Such a job is better done by those who specialize in software testing.

To find enough experts in the field is a challenge if you do not know how to choose them. Be aware of software testing services companies that will do their best to improve the quality of your project for it to be released successfully.

Testing Life-Cycle (STLC)

As a rule, the testing process is carried out during all phases of software development life-cycle (SDLC). All modern software development life-cycle models are followed during SDLC.

Testing Life-Cycle defines the stages in testing a software app. However, it is not just a single activity, but the set of activities performed methodologically to help to certify software products. SDLC consists of these activities.

There is no fixed STLC Standard.  It can be changed depending on:

  • Software development life-cycle.
  • Leadership whishes.

Do you need software application testing service?  Are you looking for the reputable testing providers? You are a catch! Today is your day – whatever you want – top-notch QA consulting or on-site/offshore software testing services!  Do not worry about the price – it will be reasonable but the quality of the work will nicely surprise you.

STLC Stages:

  1. General planning and requirements analysis. It is important at least to get answers to such questions as: what should we test; how much work is expected; what challenges will we face during the work; etc.
  2. Entry criteria. You formulate or specify entry criteria to determine when it is possible or necessary to start software testing process; suspension criteria to suspend a test activity entirely or partially and exit criteria, necessary to decide whether to stop or resume the testing work.
  3. Testing strategy. Senior QA manager determines costs and effort estimates for the project and prepares the Test Plan for all types of testing.
  4. Test case development. Tests cases are designed, developed, verified and reworked. Also, this phase involves the creation, review and rework of test data.
  5. Environment setup. It is done simultaneously with test case development phase. It determines the hardware and software conditions under which a product is tested.
  6. Test execution.
  7. Test cycle closure. 

Have you ever used Independent software testing services? There are many reasons to resort to them, among which such as cost/time cuttings, risk mitigation, technological advances, gifted IT professionals, etc.

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