Software Test Outsourcing: Test Plan and Its Purposes

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The test plan is defined by ANSI / IEEE standard (ANSI / IEEE Standard 829-2983 for Software Test Documentation) in the following way:

This document defines the scope of testing work, test schedule and the resources required for effective test execution. It specifies the tests to be performed, test items, test activities, the staff responsible for carrying out each of the tasks, but also indicates the likelihood of unforeseen circumstances or risks and explains what measures must be taken in these conditions.

Software test outsourcing is referred to as a good way to reduce costs in terms of time, money and human resources. Sending your work to overseas experts for testing you gain time to concentrate on your main processes without having to being torn between your core and non-core activities.

Test Plan is a large complex and compound document. Anyone may get familiar with its purpose and content, as well as with a number of associated documents that are created while testing a software product.

It chiefly depends on a certain testing team’s capabilities and the total amount of work to be done, how much effort is spent on the test documentation and how much attention is given to it. In some cases, it is enough just to create a few notes pages, while in other circumstances, it is required to write the multi volume works. In fact, the amount of documentation is not always determined by professionalism of the staff, although the expertise also plays an essential role in its development. The main strategic differences are related to the specific tasks of each particular group of the staff. Just these problems determine what the documentation will look like and what content it will have and why it is developed, what for.

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General Purpose Of Test Plan: A Product Or Tool?

The authors of the test plans pursue two fundamentally different purposes: in some cases they use them to build the product, and, in other cases, – so that to design the work tool. It quite easy to mix up these 2 goals, but such confusion may cost you dear. At that, the product development is much more expensive than a process of creating the tool.

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