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The given article is written for those, who plan to work in IT testing services, especially on the position of the software tester. Our specialists described the work of software tester with all its peculiarities and secrets. At first, let’s check the main definitions.

  • Testing – is the validation on the correspondence of the released product (its functions, functionality) with the requirements set by a client. It also includes the quality assessment and improvement of the software.
  • Software Tester – is the specialist who works in independent software testing company. Testers perform various testing types and services, intending to improve the software quality.
  • Main Aims. The satisfaction of the customer’s requirements and needs on the quality of the product. Testing takes place at every stage of the software development, and this process requires a lot of time and attention.

Three Myths about Tester Profession

#1. Tester is just a “Clicker”

Everyone who is far from IT testing services might think that tester just taps into different parts of the application, looks for bugs and waits for the program to crash. QA engineer performs various types of testing services, like performance testing service, security testing service, acceptance testing, etc. for the client to receive a perfect product.

#2. Tester is always busy with playing games

Yes, it’s true. Testers really play a lot, but not for the entertainment. It’s their job, which includes bug detection, the compilation of bug reports and their elimination. The profession of tester requires attention and patience.

#3. Testers are evaluated by the number of detected bugs

Quantity is good, but not in this case. Imagine, Tester#1 found 100 bugs, from them 5 are critical, 10 are functionality errors and others 85 are trivial defects. Tester#2 found 40 bugs, from them 8 can cause the crash of system, 25 are functionality errors, and 7 are trivial. Who better performed testing and why?

Software tester should possess a certain number of skills, and best software testing companies have the list of requirements and capabilities for the given profession.

Essential Skills:

  • Knowledge and understanding of software testing process.
  • Gamer experience.
  • Full understanding of the methods of software development.
  • English language.
  • Teamwork.


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