Site Testing In Different Browsers

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Cross-browser testing is a kind of testing, carried out to understand if the software behaves equally in the interaction with different versions of the browser. The user must apply to the software product services no matter which browser or hardware platform he/she prefers. If one in 10 people uses a non-standard browser (or a certain outdated version), in which the application changes its appearance or preconditioned behavior, a risk of losing the audience increases by 10%.

Usually, when testing sites in different browsers, most of the defects are found directly in the user interface. But you must not forget about the functionalities of sites or applications. The cross-browser testing may reveal the functional problems related to the unworkability of:
– forms;
– filters;
– dynamic elements;
– separate units and sections of the site.

Constant implementation of the new standards and adherence to them in the software development gives a sufficiently high level of compatibility. However, not all the browsers work equally with these standards. In their turn, the developers often neglect them, as creating the product it is almost impossible to consider absolutely all factors and support all kinds of client software. Only website testing services in different browsers can help you to reveal all problems of compatibility, optimize the performance and achieve the uniformity of presenting information in the supported versions.

Plus, not all of the most frequently used browsers quickly release the new versions, which correspond to the latest standards, and, more importantly, not all users follow and regularly update their software. If these versions of browsers meet the demands of the system’s target audience, the cross-browser testing is absolutely necessary.

You can’t ignore the tendency towards an increased number of users of the mobile devices. As a result, the rate of using Internet resources through the mobile phones and tablets increase. To enhance an audience, the experts accompany the software adaption to the mobile market, considering all possible markets, such as the data on the use of devices, OS versions and mobile browsers; the size and solutions of screen; the device resources and hardware characteristics, etc.

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