Roles That Emerge In Independent Software Testing Companies

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Since individual projects tend to move towards Developer Operations and Agile increasing, roles and duties of Software Testing Engineers change significantly. Despite the fact that it is possible for testers to choose from multiple options to advance their career, there are the following roles which have passed the validation check.

Independent software testing companies offer their clients to outsource testing activities to offshore specialists and, as a result,  get access to industry-recognized experts, a variety of resources, knowledge and methodologies.

Software Development Test Engineers

They are involved in Agile projects, the test engineer has to perform different testing activities simultaneously. While automation has become essential in Agile projects, the tester will be responsible for delivering automated solutions. The Agile tester must systematically improve his technical knowledge until he is able to collaborate with stakeholders and propose solutions to different problems. It is common to apply the ”shift left” in Agile / DevOps Projects.

Besides testing skills and experience, the specialists have to be familiar with the functions of the app being developed and set about writing test automation codes  as soon as algorithmic programming languages (APLs) are prepared – without waiting for the entire application to be developed.

Outsourced software testing services are useful when you want to save on testing time and expenses, accelerate time-to-market, and improve the quality of your project.

Business QA Test Engineers

The tester must have a deep understanding of the core functionality of the app under development so that to be able to create effective test scenarios/cases. Many business organizations are looking for testers who could have a good grasp of their business and understand how the coming trends are developing in their area. Thus, it has become indispensable for successful testers to have knowledge & skill in the domain. Especially such niche areas like Core Banking, Credit Cards, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Insurance, Telecom and Mobile, Insurance, the knowledge in the domain make the testers extremely valuable employees.

It makes sense to resort to testing projects outsourcing because it helps to deploy software applications reliably and rapidly, reduce risks and meet technical and business objectives.  

Specialized Test Engineers

App Security testing, DW/Analytics testing, Performance engineering, Test environment set-up & management are the fastest growing technical test areas. Mobile performance & security have become indispensable for 95% of businesses that are eager to move to mobile. If you decide to make a career in these hot areas, you may not doubt in your professional growth.


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