Quality Assured Services: Golden Rules of Software Testing

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Let us consider some of the golden testing rules that attempt to consider the desire to prove the correctness of the program under test, and the inability of human beings to carry out this proof in effective way.

Quality assured services involve conducting a set of activities in order to ensure quality of software products. It is a cost-effective way to develop marketable software programs that will meet and even exceed expectations of their customers.

Analyzing Regions of the Program. Each linear part of the program needs to be necessarily checked by executing at least the only one test on it. It seems certain that, in a converse situation, it may be impossible to guarantee the correct work of the program.

In the event when the execution of some part of the program affects the order of execution or the operating mode for the other parts, all paths of the program may need to be examined, which is to say, verification of all possible paths in the program (multiple testing is required, particularly for the parts that contain variables with indices).

QA service helps software developers systematically check their manufactured products to see whether these meet and comply with specified requirements.

Accuracy of Testing Process. Monitoring of arithmetic units (as well as other blocks) is performed by comparing the results obtained during execution of the block with the benchmark results. As far as the arithmetic results are concerned there is an additional complexity in determining the accuracy of the calculation as this value is used to verify the correctness of (and, thus, to calculate) the benchmark and the test execution results to make sure that the unit (block) works correctly.

The fact is that the variables contained in verifiable arithmetic expression, depending on the ratio between values of these variables ​​and operations performed on them, make different contributions to the test result. Accordingly, it may turn out that a wrong arithmetic expression (because it has been incorrectly coded) for specified test parameters ​​it contains, will produce supposedly expected result. It happens because the consequences of incorrect operation or the elements (operands in the expression) that were calculated incorrectly will have almost no influence on the test (compared one) value of the expression.

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