Quality Assurance Consultants: Different Opinions of Project Development Team Members

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Testers, project managers, programmers and the other team members may very much disagree about a particular problem report. Sometimes their differences cause desperate disputes. To help the cause, we must first enable registering an opinion of each of the project participants. Quality assurance consultants advise you about the means used to accomplish this procedure:

  • The degree of Importance and Priority. The degree of importance of the problem is determined by the tester, and its priority is determined by the project manager. If the system has only one of these fields, disputes between the testers and the project manager are for sure inevitable. For example, the tester may consider some error as fatal, while, for whatever reasons, the project manager may report this as a low priority error. If you do not allow each of them to register their opinions and during the discussion they will not come to the same conclusion, then, whose assessment shall be determinative? And why even one of these should be determinative at all? Is not it easier to include both the assessments in the report and sort reports by any field, specifically an important field and priority field?

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  • Consider delayed. The project manager may impose a resolution, in which the problem is not just postponed, but generally will not be solved (for example, it corresponds to the project or is not reproduced). If the tester thinks that there will be a need to return to the report, he can use a separate field marked as Consider delayed. If this field report says “yes”, it is considered as delayed and is included in all summary reports on pending problems.
  • Comments. For this report field, there always must be enough space reserved in the database, because it is used to document the course of negotiations on the problem and register different opinions of the staff. It is not necessary for a single-user system; however, it is actively used in a multiplayer system. It helps to easily and efficiently solve most of the communication problems.

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