Quality Assurance Consultant: Review Meeting

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Analyst Meeting

The goal of analyst meeting conducted during the project document analysis phase is to identify the problems rather than to solve them. As usual, the total number of the participants is limited to 7 persons. In many companies, the project is considered to be incomplete until its formal review is conducted (needless to say, it should be approved). Quality assurance consultant is a top-sawyer who is accountable for the use of the practices and principles of software qa across the entire life cycle.  

The analysts read the documents in advance, express critical remarks on them and ask each other relevant questions.

The project is reworked and analyzed over again till it is approved by the analyst group. Now let us concentrate our attention on review meeting – one of the 3 types of the meetings held by the group:

Review Meeting

The ideal review meeting shall be held under guidance of an experienced specialist in the field and it is necessarily recorded. Such specialist-manager is responsible for finding the suitable premises, holding a meeting, stopping the speakers from speaking when they interrupt each other or diverge from the topic at hand and drawing up the final report. He sees that analysts discuss the problems but not the ways to solve them. The latter task will be later performed by a smaller group of experts and outside the review meeting hours.

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Special personnel record all important notes and using the projectors or other similar technology, display them on the big screen where they are visible to every participant of the meeting. Anyone who would think that the recorder has missed something important may ask to display this information. There must be a record on each agreement reached. It is required to write down all the issues that remain open until the next meeting. This way of holding meetings only contributes to their productivity, especially when opinions of the analysts vary so much.

Some testing teams deliberately teach their staff to conduct and record such meetings. This is a great idea, because it is too difficult to find good specialists in the field of exceptional meeting management as only few of them are available.

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