Quality Assurance Company: Symptoms of Adequate Test Set

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A set of tests can be considered as adequate if a certain number of lines of source code or executable branches of source code have been performed at least once during the test set run. There are two measurement methods that reflect two basic approaches to testing:

The first approach is used to verify what tasks the software product has to perform.
The second approach is intended to find out how the software product actually works.

When a software app is tested based on design specifications (namely by means of functional testing or “black box” test design technique) generation of test cases is done in accordance with the specification, and does not depend on how the software was implemented. The effectiveness depends on the quality of the specifications and the ability of the tester to correctly interpret it. Quality assurance company ensures that software products being developed meet their requirements specifications.

In structural testing (testing conducted to verify the implementation or white box test design technique that involves testing of internal structure or workings of the software) generation of test cases is done based on the program code, which is the implementation of the software application. Input data for each test case should be determined by the specification of the software, however, they may be selected based on the analysis of the code for the execution of a program branch. At that the coverage is increased.

We will use both approaches. When testing the classes, we will strive to cover class specifications and their implementation code. When testing interactions of the products or their components we will tend to cover the specification document. When testing the system we will also seek to cover the specification of the system.

Ecommerce testing is aimed at examining the e-commerce data while enhancing usability, performance and security of websites.

What is the extent of the test?

Different levels of adequate testing are shown in the Fig.1., which covers cases ranging from no testing to exhaustive testing, when all possible test cases are run. The amount of testing required should be determined on the basis of short-term and long-term goals of the project and in accordance with the characteristics of the developed software. Test coverage is evaluation of the extent to which the software component can be used.

Testing is not conducted at all Exhaustive testing

Fig. 1. The extent of the test

Quality control companies monitor software development process from start to finish to make sure that the products are created in compliance with their requirements.

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