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Traditionally the majority of the IT-companies throughout the world provide their customers with the outsourcing testing services. But they should be aware of such a phenomena as “body shopping”, which means the full transferring of the company employees to the operative use of a third party as a result of the outsourcing services providing.

Of a great importance for any outsourcing company is an aspect of management, intellection and the active participation at all the levels (business analysis, architectural design, administration) right at the company’s side. It is essential to try to use the short iterations and to ask a customer about the feedback providing in order to integrate to the particular customer’s tasks in better way.

By the way, to achieve the more efficient cooperation, not just a software qa outsourcing company should be rather flexible in its methods – a customer, in his turn, must also be ready to the certain requirements form the company’s side (e.g. to provide feedback in time, to be clear, to distinctly issue the challenge, to harmonically cooperate).

Professionals in the IT brunch have already considered the outsourcing to be a great part of the customers consulting. Such companies nearly always have something from the technological problems, automation testing, processes managing field, project logistics and so on to offer.

Nowadays the statistics approves the fact that the majority of the outsourcing quality assurance companies are interested in the outsourcing sphere of hi-tech problems, where the high-end specialists being the real engineers and the true worth for the customers participate in solving company’s problems.

Outsourcing Tasks Range:

  • classical tasks on developing projects from the beginning;
  • cooperation with outsourcing specialists as with a segment of the developers’ team;
  • participation only in some project’s phases (database design, architecture creation and so on);
  • work on the already existing projects (XP bug fixing, refactoring);
  • partaking in creating the new versions of the product.

A company that has just started its development in the IT outsourcing area has to aspire to the level where it can be invited only for the projects and technologies it is truly interested in. The highest degree for such a company will be not just having a choice, but the choice towards growth, development, experience and the real egg-dances.

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