QA Lab: Software Testing As a Service

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Businesses are in a hurry to meet innovative, customer-oriented, technologically complicated solutions that are why the quality of software products and time-to-market play a vital role in IT world.

Accordingly, software testing process has a significant impact on the success of an enterprise that offers similar solutions. But, software testing has become a challenge due to high-security environments, growing costs, the variability of software sourcing, etc.

Such situation dictates assessment and implementation of the right methodologies to reach scale, reduce costs and provide advanced services. Many organizations consider that testing as a service (TaaS) is an outsourcing viable model in which a service provider but not employees performs testing activities related to some of their business activities. By using a consumption-based pricing model the organization mitigates the risk and reduces own expenses.

QA lab is used to perform all types of testing to a high professional standard. You can outsource your QA needs whenever you want to get your work done by someone else and obtain desirable testing results.

There are the Following Scenarios for TaaS to be Used in:

  • Functional testing.
  • Performance testing.
  • Benchmark testing.
  • Stress/Load testing.
  • Regression testing.

Why Should You Resort to CloudQA?

There is an automated cloud-based QA tool that allows enterprises to develop their software products faster, better and cheaper. CloudQA is a testing environment / established framework that can appeal to even non-technical users who are now able to create and execute test scenarios during some minutes. Web testing services will be easier to deliver from now!

With CloudQA organizations get the chance to pay for what they need and not to waste money by investing them in costly tool package and experts.

Advantages of TaaS:

  1. Model scalability through a public cloud.
  2. Reduced costs.
  3. Benefits of licensing.
  4. Standardization.

Apart from self-service Software-as-a-service (SaaS) based subscription model for test automation, Cloud QA provides Testing as a Service for organizations that cannot afford to carry out this vital activity during their agile development. Customers are sure of any software infrastructure, licensing, steep learning curve for the testing processes/tool or costly testing resource.  T

esting outsourcing companies can solve all your trial and quality assurance needs with CloudQA and without it. Choose the right third party partner and you will get rid of many concerns associated with your production process.

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