QA Consulting: Situations When Consideration of Project Issues Is Delayed

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Project issues Are Considered Delayed

Upon management decision, error correction or problem solving procedures may be postponed until the next version of the program is created. This applies to any error situation when there is no time or opportunity to solve the problem due to some reasons.

If the issue tracking process is organized correctly, all the problems marked as Deferred are to be necessarily described in a summary report. This report is printed and submitted to senior management for consideration if necessary. Also it may be used for the next release of the program.

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Some programmers intentionally make bad decisions on some issues, for example, in order to prevent their principals from becoming aware of easily reproducible and correctable bugs or products that do not meet the projected schedule.  

What is to be done if you do not agree with the decision made by the project manager or the programmer, disagree with the priority determined for a particular problem or witness obvious acts of sabotage?

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  • Some testing teams are allowed to change the decision taken by the others. But it is better to avoid using this privilege so that not to provoke noisy disputes.
  • Some testing teams give back the project manager problem resolution reports marked as Compliant With the Project Requirements, which, in their opinion, should be marked as Deferred. But, according to experts, you should not do this without prior approval from your management.
  • Many testing teams tend to ignore the issue, and, as a result, a number of problems remain unresolved.
  • The problem report should contain the field Deferred with the instructions on how to solve the problem. The divergence of opinion between the project managers and the testers is quite natural occurrence. Issue tracking system should also reflect these differences. And it is for this purpose that the problem report contains the fields such as Priority and Comments and Deferred Issues.

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