QA Consulting Companies: Mutation Testing, Bebugging But Not Only That

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Standard Compliance

Each company may have their own standards, which determine how many comments need to be contained in the code, what can be the maximum size of individual modules, should the programmer strictly follow the naming conventions for variables and functions and what these agreements are. The process of verifying compliance of the code with these standards so perfectly can be automated.

QA consulting companies are always ready to provide their clients with useful information on how to develop user-friendly and intuitive applications. They guide companies of all sizes in creating high quality software products and standard operating procedures.

Software Statistics

There is a tendency to measure the complexity of the code by using statistical calculations. Some experts are very skeptical about this practice. In their opinion, such mathematical analysis is interesting solely from a theoretical point of view, but its practical utility is very limited. Some managers require programmers to rework the code, with the aim to achieve an “acceptable”, in their opinion, complexity factor.

But in practice this may cause the program to slow down and errors as well as unnecessary problems to occur, since, as you know, the perfect is the enemy of the good. And how can one “measure” the quality of the program?? If it works, it performs all the necessary functions; if it is well-thought-out software that was thoroughly tested – just leave it alone.

Quality control companies specialize in ensuring that performed service or developed product complies with established set of quality criteria and meet customer demands. Do you need this service?

And you should not forget that brevity is the sister of talent. A relatively mediocre programmer, trying to optimize the code and maximally reduce its length will be unable to debug it properly and, as a result, will crack something that worked well. IN NO EVENT SHALL you compress PROGRAM CODE!

If you require programmers to reduce complexity of the code can you be sure that the new code will be fully functionally equivalent to the old one?

Intentional Errors: Bebugging And Mutation Testing

One of the very specific software testing technologies is called bebugging. A number of errors are deliberately introduced in the program. According to internationally known expert, a programmer, knowing for sure that the program has errors, will be testing it much more carefully.

But the main purpose of this technology is to evaluate the effectiveness of the tests to be executed. If you add 100 errors to software and then subject it to testing, which will help to identify only 20 of them, it means that about 80% of undetected errors are still present in the program. QA as a service is used to implement any testing technology in the product development process.

Another way to determine the adequacy of tests performed is mutation testing. The program undergoes insignificant change called a mutation. During testing, the result of such change must necessarily be obtained. If this does not happen, it could mean that the tests were selected inappropriately.

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