Permanent Participants in Software Development Quality Assurance Activities: Who Are They?

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Software products are rarely developed by individuals – naturally, a group of highly experienced specialists are involved in the development process. Below are some of these legendary experts without which it would be simply impossible to create the highest quality software.

So, software development quality assurance activities are carried out with involvement of the following professionals:

Subject Matter Expert, Or Software Analyst should understand what users expect from the product and how to express the explanation in certain terms that are understandable to the programmer or another software developer.

Human Factor Analyst, Or Ergonomist, has psychology degree and knows how to design a program for it to be valuable and user-friendly, and how to test the product (or its prototype) for compliance with the quality standards. Some of the experts are so well-versed in software design and programming matters therefore they may be directly involved in the user interface development process. But, in fact, the number of such experts is much smaller than the number of pseudo-experts claiming to be that very versatile specialists. The others, together with the programmers, take part in the user interface development.

You are likely to want to use quality assurance and testing services when there is something wrong with your software under development. And it will be a wise decision of yours because you will not only manage to troubleshoot all the problems faced in software development but also prevent them from occurring in post-release period.

User Interface Programmer specializes in creating graphical user interface (GUI). Usually, it is a professional programmer who is good at Microsoft Windows architecture and computer graphics, and, besides this, in a perfect world, he also has expertise in the field of cognitive philosophy.

User Interface is, in fact, a part of a program that provides the user with relevant information (in the form of graphics, text, sound, hard copy, etc.) and receives feedback ( response data) from him (via keyboard, mouse pointing device and other input devices), which are then transmitted to the main program for processing. This part of the program is known as the layer that ensures the presentation and receiving of the data. Just this program part is written by user interface programmer.

This list is not complete but the above mentioned people make significant contribution to the product development life cycle. However, you may pay attention to list software testing companies that has helped many software developers to find the best testers and due to their kind involvement create successful products.


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