Penetration Testing Company: What Aspects are Validated During Database Testing

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In today’s IT world, the database is an important component of the software application, one of its inevitable parts. When application is running, the end user mostly utilizes CRUD operations facilitated by database tools:

C: Create — “Create” operation is executed when the user saves any new transaction.

R: Retrieve — “Retrieve” operation is executed when the user searches or views any saved transaction.

U: Update —”Update” operation is executed when the user edits and changes an existing record.

D: Delete —”Delete” operation is executed when the user removes any record from the system.

It does not matter, which database is used and which operation was preliminary executed (join or subquery, stored procedure or trigger, enquiry or function). It is noteworthy that all DB oriented operations performed by a user from a user interface of any application are nothing else but one of these four CRUD operations.

Penetration testing company provides vulnerability assessment services that help plenty of businesses to validate whether their critical data is secured. What do we check while database testing?

Data Mapping:

Make sure that mapping between different screens of an app under test and its database relationships meet the project documentation requirements. For all CRUD operations, ensure that corresponding tables and records are upgraded when the user hits “Save”, “Search”, “Delete” or “Update” from GUI of the app.

ACID Properties of Transaction:

ACID properties of the transaction have to do with Atomicity, Isolation, Durability and Consistency. These four properties are to be checked during DB testing. This area needs to be tested more thoroughly if the database is distributed.

Data Integrity:

Bear in mind that different modules of application (for example, forms or screens) use the same data differently and perform CRUD operations. Accordingly, ensure that the current state of data is displayed everywhere in a similar way. The system must show the updated values on all forms and screens.  Pen testing company ensures the security of information stored in a database. It helps to identify and mitigate the risks connected with data security breaches.  

Correctness of Implemented Business Rules:

These days, databases are designed not only for data storage. They have become very powerful tools that are used by developers for implementation of business logic at a database level. The examples of the powerful DB functions are “Referential integrity”, triggers, relational limitations and stored procedures. By the way, penetration test as a service is aimed at satisfactions of your specific needs. It is available to ensure that your systems, software, or database is safe from cyber attacks.


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