Outsourced Testing and the Best Software Development Process

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Software and web developers clearly realize that quality assurance testing is important from strategic point of view.

But why is it so negligent attitude to it then?

As practice shows, large software development companies understand the significance of software testing. Highly technical development centers have to use the services of distant testing centers by sending them their requests.

And these testing centers appear to be located off-site in increasing frequency, in such countries as India, China, or Asia. This should be taken into consideration, of course, if there are different time zones. That is why it makes sense to resort to outsourced testing.  

As for smaller software or web development companies, only some of them prefer employing salaried dedicated SQA team and qualified testing personnel.  It is believed that maintenance of internal software testing team is troublesome because interactive software development is somehow challenging and creative process.

When maintaining internal software testing team you will not be able to modify their work hours since no programmer will tell you in advance when a specific feature of an interactive product will be fully developed.

When this challenge is combined with plenty of other challenges and you must meet all the deadlines on time but you lack the time as well as the necessary staff. What to do in this situation? You have no other choice than to engage the account and the project managers or even a janitor in quality assurance testing. This is the sad reality, indeed.

So, have smaller software development companies understood how to code without introducing bugs into the project? Or, is it supposed that you can test your software project when you want because you are just fond of testing?

Project managers involved in complicated IT projects confirm that every software testing company must allocate enough time (not less than 33 % of a project‘s hours) for quality assurance testing. Provided that it’s easier to test the projects designed to a platform for which there is a clear guide on how to perform qa testing.  

But in most cases, companies are unaware of where to start when it is time for QA testing.  In this case, the only right solution is software test outsourcing.   Choose a reliable professional software testing partner to test your interactive project thoroughly for late nights and you in turn will be able to go on developing as soon as you return to work.


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