Outsource QA Service: Static, Deterministic and Stochastic Types of Testing

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Let us get familiar with 3 testing methods which are sequentially used in practice:

  • Static
  • Deterministic
  • Stochastic

Static testing (Static Check) is the most formalized method to verify whether or not the program performs its functions correctly. In this testing, the software is analyzed without actually executing the code, through a formal analysis of the program text that is written in a programming language. Operators and operands for the program test are symbolically analyzed therefore this method is also called a symbolic testing.

Outsource QA service is widely appreciated by software developers as it allows them to send their products to independent qa professionals for testing. And the most important thing here is that the outsourcing specialists are not involved in the development process that is why they give unbiased feedback on the products’ quality.

Deterministic testing methods are the most time-consuming and detailed ones. Deterministic testing involves checking each combination of source and reference data and the corresponding combination of the standard results. Of course, it is impossible to test all the combinations of input data and monitor all behavioral outcomes of the programs on each of them. In these cases, a stochastic testing is used where the original test data are determined by a multitude of random variables with respective distributions, and in order to compare the results obtained it is common to use the distributions of random variables. As a result, during stochastic testing, the source data may widely vary, though some defects may remain undiscovered if they only insignificantly affect the average statistical values ​​or the distributions.

It is hardly possible to underestimate independent software testing because it helps to simplify the development process. By this is meant that obligatory testing work is done by highly qualified specialists while you fully focus on your core activities. Sounds good?  Many business organizations opt only for services of remote partners because the latter are known to provide the most accurate test results about the product quality.

Stochastic testing is mainly used for error detection, but so that to diagnose and locate errors it is necessary to conduct a deterministic test applying specific parameter values ​​within the range of random variables already used.

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