Main Types of Test Data Used by Software Quality Assurance Companies

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It often happens that developers submit projects without test data to software quality assurance companies. Accordingly, every tester himself must be able to create this data.

Test data are too valuable for such a range of testing services as mobile testing, web testing, desktop testing. Even if source project contains some test data, for example, test cases, then it still does not mean that one can take the time to relax – some clients (customers) tend to stimulate ambitious testers who create additional test data because it can help to test the system more efficiently.

Test data are primarily needed to develop complete test scenarios for verifying the system and saving on various costs.

When you look at an outsourced partner, you know that you will reap a lot of benefits from dealing like that. Testing projects outsourcing is the best way to deliver the high quality and cut costs. All you need to do is to negotiate with the outsourcers about deliverables, service level, fixed-date, fixed price and so on.

The Most General Test Data Defined For Testing Software Products:

  • The Absence of Test Data (Zero Test Data) – The tester must not enter any data to check how the system will respond to this, or identify whether error messages or requests for data input in the corresponding screen fields appear.
  • Valid Data – It is often necessary to perform authentication during functional website testing so that to make sure that the end user will not have difficulties in signing in, and, therefore, the tester needs to try to enter valid data.
  • Invalid Data – Special and incorrect data that must request for invalid data error message when the system appears to perform as expected.  
  • Inadmissible Data – For example, when entering invalid domain names or attempting to use inaccurate data (security testing also includes the verification of the data input).

Performance testing, load testing, stress testing require particular big data sets. Data type with a limited range is to be tested as well (upper range value and lower range value are to be considered).

Third party software testing services are invaluable because they help you have high-quality products without making huge money investments in the work. That is not all. The offshore partner will be able to build on innovations on your software development project, offer the most appropriate outsourcing model for your project to meet your needs. Moreover, you can participate in the process and monitor it.

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