List of Software Testing Companies: The Value of Documentation Testing

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So what is documentation testing and how and when is it used? The phrase is self-explanatory and, of course, as you can guess, this refers to verification of documentation. This process is a type of non-functional testing.

Documentation is any pictorial or written information that describes defines, specifies, reports procedures, requirements, activities or results.

Documentation contributes to the success of a project or product; it is as important as the developed software itself.

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Testing of such documents as test incident report, test procedure, test plan, test report, test log is a documentation testing.

This is one of the most cost-efficient testing approaches. It is possible to test documentation in a variety of different ways according to varying levels of complexity. For example, these may range from using spell or grammar checkers for the documents to eliminating mistakes or other inconsistencies in the documentation.

Wrong or poor documentation may negatively influence the quality of the software and the distributor, in particular, it may lead to somber and expensive problems and even to a failure of the whole project.

Documentation testing can take place early in the software development life-cycle and hence, help to save a lot of money because the earlier a bug is detected the less costly will be its repair.

Top software testing companies, the leading testing providers, can track and manage various incidents in testing. They can ensure proper performance of the product and check documentation developed during or before the testing of an application. Another advantage of documentation testing is that helps to identify all the software problems that mostly arise just due to problems with documents/requirements.

So long as we often say “documentation and requirements” but not only “requirements” it is time to consider all the documentation which must be tested during development of software products.

Kinds of Documentation

Documentation Can be Divided Into 2 Big Types Depending on Where & When it is Used:

  • Product documentation, development documentation.
  • Project documentation.

If you decide to outsource QA you will do right since it is better to let professionals run documentation testing. By doing so, you will be able to achieve your business goals through success criteria.

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