Game Testing As a Service: What is Special About It?

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People always enjoy playing games. Nowadays, many children and adults opt for quality gameplays, cool, memorable missions in the game.

Game testing as a service is gaining popularity since you can hardly claim that your game is bug-free if it has not been checked for defects. In fact, the developer cannot be sure of its products’ success if it does not interact with quality assurance firms.

Even the best game creators run the risk of releasing poor quality software without using services of testing specialists. At that, the verification is to be conducted throughout the entire development life cycle up to the day when the game is ready for production. The specialists select and develop methodologies & techniques which help to build secure, reliable, fast, scalable, friendly and good-looking software. Software testing market moves too fast because testing is an essential part of the development process. Software testing services will be used as long as IT world will exist.

By the way, it is not easy to create a game which will be successfully marketed, especially when there are a lot of competitors in the tech industry. In order to meet requirements and expectations of a majority of the purchasers, game testing company offers testing and quality assurance services for entertainment apps.


It is a new, fresh step in the evolution of testing practice, a strategy of employing game design techniques and game mechanisms to involve and encourage the end users to follow their objectives. These so-called assistants do not directly carry out testing process as such; they are just of service to the specialists. Manifestly, the end users will not be able to execute load testing or white box testing as they lack required knowledge and experience.

Assistant testers can make unreal and incredible proposals regarding the improvement of the product’s quality. They are not limited by anything and need not adhere to certain regulations or stereotypes. However, such a privilege is assigned only to motivated users who are willing to perform tasks to be set before them.

What Enables Effective Gamification?

A game tester should quicken interest in his assistant by making a good presentation of a game and defining its goals. The lecture of three-hours and toneless voice will never contribute to the success of game testing service delivery.

It is vital to clearly and comprehensibly explain rules of the game and even the principles of the testing approach itself. Testing process must not look like a fight but rather resemble adventure, some competition. And you should bear in mind that every effort ought to be awarded… Be lavish with praise, say though for a couple of sweet, flattering words – it ‘s not hard ….and one day you will certainly get much more in return!

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