User Documentation Testing


Requirements Testing: Criteria for Technical Documentation

When creating new software functionality, the analytical team creates certain technical requirements, and the QA department tests the product based on these instructions. And, of course, this happens even before the product reaches the end user. In this article, we will talk about the important points that you should pay attention to when testing software requirements.


How to Save Google Drive Documents by Authenticating Requests for JMeter

This article will describe the ways of configuring access tokens, deploying a work environment, establishing a stable web connection, performing prior load tests to save Google Drive documents by authenticating requests for JMeter.


Testing of User Documentation

User manuals are indivisible from software. There’s no software simple to the point where it doesn’t need a user guide. End users are people who can fall under certain categories and be united by the notion of target audience, but, nevertheless, they are still just a bunch of unique human beings. So, some functionality that is clear to one person

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