Bug Tracking Tools


Bugify is an unsophisticated error tracking online service elaborated by Frondiz. It integrates with a source control system and turns it into a helpful error tracking instrument.


BugHerd is an online instrument for bug reporting and bug management. Test engineers can work with the instrument from the web page they are at that time, there is no need to leave the page.


Boto is an issue tracking program. It is one of the most streamlined and lightest error tracking systems on the market.


Bontq is a commercial error tracking and project managing tool. It is cloud-hosted, written in Java and PHP. It allows to manage projects, track defects, store documents. Its specific feature is a cross-platform desktop client.


16bugs is an error tracking tool. It has a single productive interface. Unlike many modern bug tracking systems, it doesn’t require long training, and quickly and easily installs.