Bug Tracking Tools


YouTrack is a software product created by JetBrains for error tracking and project management. It integrates with many version control systems such as Rational ClearCase, Visual SourceSafe, Perforce, Mercurial, Git.



WebIssues is an open source multi-platform application meant for error tracking and simplifying cooperative work of the project members. The program is easy in installation and use.


Usersnap is a visual error tracking system that can be used by anyone. It considerably simplifies a process of error reporting and makes communication between the developers, testers, clients and other project members more professional.


Unfuddle is an online application designed for project management and bug tracking. The product is easy in use, secure and fast.

Track Jumper

Track Jumper is a commercial application meant for easy error tracking and information exchange among participants of a software development process.  One can use the tool for 14 days for free in terms of its trial period.


Trac is an open-source software product designed for error tracking and project management by Edgewall Software. It is written in Python and supports such databases as SQLite, PostgreSQL, MySQL and MariaDB.

The Bug Genie

The Bug Genie is a web-based multi-platform tool for project management and error tracking written in PHP. It is a free, open source product.

Team Foundation Server

Team Foundation Server is an instrument for effective management of software development and software testing processes. It is a product of Microsoft.

Snowy Evening

Snowy Evening is a bug and issue tracking tool convenient and easy in use both for testers, programmers and clients, who know little about software development and error tracking. It combines rich functionality and simple, intuitive interface.


Sifter is an error and issue tracking instrument. It is the best for a project with a small team.