Bug Tracking Tools


Podio is a cloud-based enterprise collaboration software product for streamlining communication, managing business processes, data and tasks at a project.


Assembla is a commercial cloud-based service for project management. The service includes a tool for managing projects, tasks, commands; time managing tool; error tracking tool; version management tool; wiki documenting tool; tool for application deployment by means of FTP; file hosting, etc.


The service is based on a popular management paradigm – Kanban.  If the initial data are set correctly and the resources are distributed in a right way, the task will be performed on time.

Mantis Bug Tracker

Mantis Bug Tracker is an open web-based error tracking application. Due to its availability, simplicity, rich functionality and flexibility it became one the most popular modern error tracking tools.

Atlassian JIRA

Atlassian JIRA is a commercial web-based error tracking and project management tool. It is elaborated by Atlassian Software Systems, written in Java.


Redmine is an open source project management system created on Ruby on Rails framework. It is suitable for software bugs tracking and simultaneous conducting of multiple projects.


Bugzilla is a free error tracking system. Among its main features are tracking errors and changes in the program code, information sharing with the project members, submitting and verifying patches, managing quality assurance and software testing process.


Bugrocket is a commercial, lightweight error tracking system elaborated for small projects. It is meant for freelancers and little teams.


BugNET is a free error tracking and project managing software. It is written in C# and ASP.NET. BugNET gives an opportunity to enjoy benefits of the latest SQL Server, ASP.NET framework and Microsoft Server platforms.


BugMuncher is a commercial instrument for providing feedback about web sites from the users. It enables the users to highlight the defects on the website, automatically captures the screen and sends the picture to the web site owner.