5 Obligatory Books for Automation Testers

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Our world, technologies develop extremely fast that sometimes it’s difficult to shift to some new innovations or devices. That’s why everyone should develop one’s own knowledge and skills, enrich experience in a professional field because it’s the main step to success.  

Top testing companies compiled a list of books that are obligatory to read for automation testers. Frankly speaking, the given list of books would be useful for everyone involved in the world of IT testing services.

“xUnit Test Patterns”, by Gerard Meszaros

Why is this book? Because it has clear as the bell explanations and recommendations on writing Unit tests. It also provides the readers with the basic mistakes when writing tests, together with the patters of the most common cases. After reading this book, many testers reconsider their way of writing tests.


“Code Complete”, by Steven McConell

The content of the given book has the description of the common mistakes when writing a code. It will help to get rid of the habit to write a spaghetti-code. Steven McConell dedicated the whole section of the book on solutions for the problems in writing tests.

book 2

“The Clean Coder”, by Robert “Uncle Bob” Martin

Have you ever heard about Uncle Bob? No? In this case, it’s recommended to google and read his books. One of them is “The Clean Coder” which give you the understanding that all the codes we are writing can be hardly called clear.

book 3

“Refactoring”, by Martin Fawler

Martin Fawler, an outstanding person in the software sphere, gladdened his admirers with a book, called “Refactoring”. In general, the book describes standard anti-patterns. After its reading, you will learn how to understand, write and rewrite a code in a way that it will be easy-to-interpret and easy-to-maintain.

book 4

“Fifty Quick Ideas to Improve Your Tests”, by Gojko Adzic

The title of the given book speaks its own tale. The book is dedicated to the cross-functional teams, whose main objective is to improve the quality and performance of a software product.

book 5

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