Assurance Testing Services: Purpose of Test Suite Development

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Developing a test suite, one should strive to ensure its successful run on the computer so that to prove the presence of defects in the program (or its separate block), although as far as many quite complex programs are concerned, especially if several programmers work on their creation it is only more or less probable to determine correctness of the program. This is due to the fact that developing and running all the tests that are necessary to give the proof, may take long and last for many months or years as well as unnecessarily extend the acceptance period. Accordingly, during the development of test suites, along with the task of running comprehensive and in-depth testing, there is the challenge to be solved that is to minimize the number of required test results, amount of computer time and programming effort.

Assurance testing services are meant to increase precision and efficiency while lowering risks and costs. These include QA outsourcing; mobile, web and desktop app testing and even creation of dedicated qa team.

The program checking involves selecting a set of tests producing expected results which can guarantee that the program works correctly. You must calculate or know the benchmark results beforehand in order to perform benchmark testing. After comparing them with the test execution results it is possible to determine whether or not the program works as intended.  

In most cases, benchmark testing can only prove absence of defects in small units (modules) of the program, but there is no guarantee that it will find defects in the whole program.

When you face challenges during the development process it is recommended to use software testing consulting services. As a result, you will manage to improve quality of your apps without wasting your time and money.

It has been often established experimentally that errors may be introduced in any complex program when it is running, even if it underwent the most thorough and comprehensive testing. Thus, we have to affirm the objective reality that it is impossible to formalize all benchmark values and ensure absolute completeness of them, as well as to conduct comprehensive and exhaustive testing and fix all the defects in complex programs.

Experience has shown that before testing begins the number of errors in complex programs is about 1.2% of the total number of operators in the program. The most thorough testing of complex software allows you to decrease the likelihood of errors in each operator to zero, such as 0.0001 – 0.00001, i.e. a few errors may remain unrepaired.

Mobile testing service is used to check mobile apps for functionality, usability and reliability on real devices. It helps to improve their performance parameters. The number of satisfied customers is easy to increase if the products meet quality standards

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