A Little Bit About Regression Testing Services

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The major job responsibility of a testing specialist is to conduct regression testing. This term has two basic meanings, but they both contain the same idea of test execution that is ​​reuse of the tests that were written in the early development and testing stages.

Regression testing services are delivered to verify whether or not the changes to the program or the environment (defect fixes, code merging, moving to a new Windows system, database, app or web server), have not adversely affected the old functionality. Regressions tests can be done for either functional or nonfunctional requirements.

Imagine that you executed a test to find a bug and a programmer fixed this finding of yours. You repeatedly run the same test to make sure that the error no longer exists. This is a regression testing. You can execute a few variations of the original test in order to properly check the revised code fragment. In this case, the goal of regression testing is to make sure that the errors identified by a programmer have been completely fixed and therefore no longer exist.

Some testing teams tend to include each bug found in a regression test set, even if it was successfully fixed long ago. Whenever a change or modification, or enhancement is made to the program all the tests are carried out on it again. It is particularly important to perform such detailed test procedure if the program is updated after a sufficiently long time period or when the upgrades are done by a new programmer. The corrections are very sensitive to such changes, as in the program, unless they are documented carefully, appear as strange or bad fragments.

Web testing services are becoming increasingly popular all over the world because there are a lot of browsers and devices to test web apps in. By doing so, web developers manage to improve and optimize performance of their products.

There is another example related to use of regression testing. After the process of finding and correcting an error in the program is completed a common set of tests are run on it but already for the different purpose. These aim to ascertain that the programmer, while repairing one part of the program, has not caused the other part to work incorrectly. In this case, the test is run to verify the integrity of the entire program, but not to find and correct only one error.

It is recommended to automate regression tests in order to accelerate further testing process and identify errors in early stages of software development.

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