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Despite the fact that software test services have been around for a long time, it is still a young and developing direction in IT testing services. Software testing is a direction, about which people know little beyond testing division.

Then one might think why do people choose the profession of the tester or, in another case, refuse this opportunity. Are these people driven by some prejudices or any myths? We tried to consider these issues deeper and singled out five myths about software testing services.

Myth #1. Testing is Boring

The majority of people who are devoted to testing may say that testing is routine. The reason for such judgments lays in the fact that those people don’t have any satisfaction from their work. Let’s agree that being satisfied with one’s job is one of the main factors to be a successful person. The given myth, about testing as a boring and monotonous activity, is covered in mass media. In fact, testers deal with many new and exciting challenges every day.

Myth #2. Testing is Easy

Testing is tough handicraft, to master which would be hard for an average person. According to Patrick Coupland from Google: “Testers love their job and do it good”.

Myth #3. Testers Just Looking for Bugs

Yes, testers search for bugs in various programs and applications, but it’s not their only activity. It’s too limited look at work of the testers as a profession that underestimates it in the eyes of users. Testers are experts of system, application, or product that they test.

Unlike developers, who are responsible only for a particular function or feature, testers are responsible for the operation of the system as a whole. Testers understand the significance of the product, the impact of the environment on its effectiveness. They know how to use a product with maximum impact.

Myth #4. Machines Would Replace Testers

With the development of computer technologies, people are sure that machines would replace testers. According to the fact that the end-users of computer programs are not robots and machines, but real people, the importance of people testing will not decrease.

Myth #5. Testers are not Friends With Developers

Not everyone knows that many testers are former developers (and vice versa), so they can understand each other and appreciate each other facing tasks. Of course, this is not in all companies, but based on our experience, we can say that rumors about the misunderstanding between programmers and testers are greatly exaggerated.

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