Utility Tools

HMA! Pro VPN Client

This service provides access to VPN servers in different countries.  Testing specialists use this tool to imitate location in different countries, when some app functions are available only in some locations.


PuTTY is a free, open source client for remote access to protocols like SSH, Telnet, rlogin. It provides connection to a remote host, a server, for example, and manages it.


TeamViewer is a software product for remote control of desktop devices. It is often utilized for distant management of work stations and servers, technical assistance and explanation how to use a program; it provides safe data transferring, connection to a work station from a mobile device, etc.


Proxifier is a utility software product allowing to use applications that do not support interaction through proxy-servers. It enables its users to work with any web-based client including web reviewers, FTP, SSH, IRC, ICQ, P2P clients, browsers, video, audio, games, etc. via a network separated from the Internet by a brandmauer.

Cisco VPN Client

Cisco Systems VPN Client is used for connection of a machine to a virtual private network. The connection enables VPN Client users to interact with software locating in a remote network.

Axure RP

Axure RP is a tool for creating prototypes of web sites and web applications. Axure RP can generate annotations for the user interface elements; the annotations includes specifications and HTML prototypes.


Firebug is an extension for Mozilla Firefox written in JavaScript, XUL, CSS. The tool is useful for software developers and testers. It is mostly applied for debugging web pages, security testing and performance testing of web software products.


BugCam is an instrument for video recording. It integrates directly with Jira and is meant mostly for software engineers and testers.

Bug Shooting

Bug Shooting is a tool of necessity for software developers and testers. It allows to make screen captures and attach them to wherever it is needed effortlessly, for example, to a ticket in an error tracking or a test management tool or an e-mail.