Test Automation Tools

Xamarin Test Cloud

Xamarin Test Cloud is a cloud-based tool that allows its users to test mobile software products on many various non-jailbroken mobile platforms in the cloud. The verified programs can be created in any programming language.


MonkeyTalk is a popular tool for iOS and Android application testing elaborated by Gorilla Logic. Its community addition is available for free; its professional edition is commercial and must be purchased after 60 days of free trial period.


Mobitaz is a tool for automating software tests. It is meant for verifying applications for Android platforms. It supports various resolutions and languages. The error reports can be delivered in form of PDF or HTML files, the screenshots of the errors are added to the reports.


Xcode is an integrated development environment utilized for developing software products for Mac and iOS platforms. It supports many programming languages such as C, C++, Objective-C, Objective-C++, Swift, Java, AppleScript, Python, Ruby.


Jenkins is a continuous integration instrument utilized during application development processes. It is a server-based program that supports such version control instruments as AccuRev, Git, Mercurial, Perforce, Clearcase, etc. and operates in a servlet container.


TestNG is a framework for software testing written in Java. The framework is suitable for various testing types including unit testing, integration testing, functional testing, end-to-end testing, etc.

Apache Maven

Maven is a tool for java projects creation: compilation, creation of jar, program distribution kit creation, generation of documentation.


Eclipse is a free cross-platform development framework. Eclipse is created by Open Source association and used in several different fields, such as development framework for Java or Android or as application development platform Eclipse RCP (Rich Client Platform).

Selenium Remote Control

Selenium Remote Control is one of Selenium products. It is a tool for remote control of a web browser.

Selenium IDE

Selenium IDE means Selenium Integrated Development Environment, it is one of Selenium products. Selenium IDE is a plugin for Mozilla Firefox that allows programmers and test engineers to verify web software products.