Performance Testing Tools


BlazeMeter – is a cloud platform for load testing of the sites. Distributed network of servers allows to generate the load up to 18000 users.


NeoLoad is a system that allows to perform load testing of web-apps.  It is written in Java, is supported by Windows NT/2000/XP, Linux и Solaris PCs.

Apache JMeter

Apache JMeter is an open source tool created by Apache Software Foundation for software load testing. It is the most suitable for verifying performance of a web application under different loads.


Pylot is a tool for testing performance and scalability of web applications. It simulates HTTP requests and checks how the server responds. After the tests the instrument creates the test report that includes important metrics.


The Grinder is a JavaTM framework for load testing. The tool verifies elements containing Java API; it is used for testing HTTP web servers, SOAP and REST web services, application servers and custom protocols.

HP LoadRunner

HP LoadRunner is an instrument for performance and load testing elaborated by Hewlett-Packard and HP Software Division. It creates thousands of virtual users that simultaneously interact with the software.


WAPT or Web Application Performance Testing is a reliable and simple tool for load and stress testing of various mobile and desktop web applications. The tool allows to verify performance of the web software under the loads fast and efficiently.