Mobile Testing Tools

Xamarin Test Cloud

Xamarin Test Cloud is a cloud-based tool that allows its users to test mobile software products on many various non-jailbroken mobile platforms in the cloud. The verified programs can be created in any programming language.


MonkeyTalk is a popular tool for iOS and Android application testing elaborated by Gorilla Logic. Its community addition is available for free; its professional edition is commercial and must be purchased after 60 days of free trial period.


Crashlytics is a free cloud-based crash-reporting service for iOS and Android applications. It is powerful and at the same time light-weight.

SYS Activity Manager

SYS Activity Manager is a tool elaborated for simplifying managing of iOS devices. It is utilized for increasing performance, controlling battery life, clearing memory of an iPod, iPad, iPhone; it can identify networks, shut useless background programs and so on.

Windows Phone Developer Tools

Windows Phone Developer Tools is a set of tools for creating and testing software products for Windows Phone platforms. The tools from the set are free.

iPad Peek

iPad Peek is a web-based iPad emulator that installs on a web browser and enables its users to see how their sites look on a real iPad. To receive the truest to life imitation one should work with iPad Peek on a WebKit-based browser such as Google Chrome or Apple Safari.

Marlin Mobile

Marlin Mobile, Inc. offers a wide range of services that help owners of mobile software to understand their products better, learn how the end-users with different mobile devices see their sites or applications.


TestObject is a commercial cloud-based platform that provides its users with access to many real modern mobile devices and their emulators. It also suggests some instruments for thorough verifying functionality of the software.


Testdroid is a complex of tools for developing and testing software products for Android and iOS. It is created by Bitbar Technologies Limited.


Mobitaz is a tool for automating software tests. It is meant for verifying applications for Android platforms. It supports various resolutions and languages. The error reports can be delivered in form of PDF or HTML files, the screenshots of the errors are added to the reports.