Project Description

Free endless golf game for iOS devices.

It will please and bring lots of positive emotions to those users, who are fond of mini golf.

What Our team did

A software developing company ordered TestMatick mobile game testing.

The game peculiarities are that it is available in 11 languages and has many levels.

The game functionality considerably increases at certain levels.

Our test engineers thoroughly tested the application on different mobile platforms.

We focused on localization testing.

Our specialists carefully checked all the texts, names, messages on each level of the game in every language it supports.

The software product functionality on each level was also thoroughly verified.

TestMatick solution

  • Detailed plan of enhancement of the game’s mechanics and design
  • List of mobile devices which do not support the game
  • Audit of the correct work of the game in different languages

Key Deliverables

  • Bug Reports
  • Checklist
  • Test Problem Report
  • Test Results Report
  • Plan of Game’s Mechanics Improvement

Type of testing completed

  • Game Testing
  • Localization Testing
  • Acceptance Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Reliability Testing