Report Deliverables

Web Usability Test Report

The Web Usability Test Report is a document that contains such information as Report Details,  Navigation,  Layout,  Speed,  Error Messages, Micro-content and Comments.

User Acceptance Test Report

The User Acceptance Test Report is a document that identifies the status of Discrepancy Notices (DN) as UAT progresses. Note that even when a DN is ‘Closed’, it must be recorded here to ensure that the final status of any DN is available throughout the UAT period.

Test Results Report

The Test Results Report is a document that contains such information as Module, Application, Purpose, System, System Inputs, System Outputs, Test Data, Archive Plan, Test Tools, System Deficiencies, System Acceptance.

Test Problem Report

The Test Problem Report is generated as required and is attached to the Test Analysis Report during testing at the integration level and higher. The disposition of problems found, starting with integration testing will he tracked and reported under configuration control.

Status Report

Status Report is an important way to keep Clients up-to-date with the status of a job. It allows you to stay in close communication with your Client and exchange information about the current status of a job, including the progress, attachments and plans for the upcoming week.

Requirements Testing Report

Requirements Testing Report is a document that contains such information as Requirements Numbers, Test Cases Numbers,  Dates Tested, Test Results and Status.

Release Control Form

Release Control Form is a document that contains such information as Customer Name, Date, Project Name, Project Number, Item Name, Location, New Modules, Activation Method and Description.

Final Release Report

Final Release Report is a document that records data obtained from an experiment of evaluation in an organized manner, describes the environmental or operating conditions, and shows the comparison of final test results with test objectives.

Error Log

An error log is a document, which contains a log of errors encountered by a system.

It includes such information as Description of Failure / Error, Follow-up, Reviewed and Comments.