Change Control Deliverables

Data Access Control Form

Data access control form is a document that can be used to regulate who or what can view or use resources in a computing environment.

It contains such information as Person, Development, TestDept, PM, Finance, TestDate, Cases and Status.

Change Request Form

Change Request Form is used to document details of the change, including the business case.

It contains such information as Costs, Timeline, Change Request Assessment and Contractual Agreement.

Change Control Log

Change Control Log is used to provide a record of all changes requested and decisions made.

It contains such information as ModuleName, AssignedTo, DueDate Status and Comments.

Change Control Form

This document describes the process that is to be used for requesting and managing changes to work products created or maintained by the members of a project. Change control contains next: Proposed Changes, Basis of Proposed Changes, Approved / Disapproved.