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Nowadays software products are in severe competition with each other. It accounts for the availability of both paid and free products that have the same functionality. Accordingly, the users have a big choice.

This makes software developers try their best to increase a popularity of their products and attract the users. High functionality is not the only key component of software that influences its success at the market.

The other one, not less important, is usability. It helps to know how quickly the average user is capable of working with the software and how the product is intuitive and pleasant for the users.

TestMatick as a software testing company ensures that your app performs smoothly on all platforms and devices. 

Usability testing services are provided to ensure that app meets expectations of the users in respect of workflows and layout. At present, each software testing process includes usability testing.

Despite uniqueness and peculiarity of every software product, it should always be in compliance with certain usability requirements and standards.

Usability Testing of a Web App Presupposes the Checking Wheather:

  • the texts are error-free, informative and relevant;
  • there are clear and exact instructions for the users as for performance for the necessary operations;
  • every page contains clear and easy-to-understand home menu;
  • there are appropriately sized images/other objects.

For wide usage of web software testing product, it must meet website standards of frames, fonts and colors. Experts in desktop testing, mobile testing and website testing insist on not using aggressive and dark colors claiming that they make users depressed and irritated. Besides, there should not be an excess in them.

It must be possible to see the texts clearly, and they must not merge with the background. Automated testing services are not carried out to verify usability, as they are inapplicable for this.

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