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Performance testing is executed in order to see how fast the system is functioning under some load. Such a kind of testing allows finding system vulnerabilities and avoid their harmful influence on software performance.

What Are the Сauses of Performance Problems?

In order to understand what bugs are usually tracked by a performance tester, it is enough to study a list of common problems. Some of them can be identified quite quickly, as no special knowledge is required for that. The list contains examples of what you can think about while testing the application.

You have a chance to make great use of performance testing services if order them from Ukrainian outsourcing testing company. You will manage to “kill two birds with one stone” – improve quality of your products and save on the development costs.

Load and Stress Testing

Both types focus on checking how well the application can handle a large number of simultaneous requests. A variety of issues concerning the app’s behavior under these circumstances are discovered by means of the specialized performance testing. And it is not necessary to expect from other testers to detect bugs during load / stress testing.

Performance testing companies make it possible for you to eliminate all possible problems with your application’s work. They will help to determine how speedy or effective any software program under an expected workload.

Network / Infrastructure

There is another challenge faced and overcome only by performance testers. When the load on the system is increased, it may involve the infrastructure problems. Besides, one should consider network load and server limitations. If you started to determine the endurance of physical contacts, it will directly affect the performance. The system testing environment is likely to be much smaller in size, and infrastructure issues do not adversely affect the performance testing process.

Architecture / Design

It is a very complicated field. By the time the project started to be verified by security testers, architecture and design have already been implemented. However, this does not mean that there are no problems anymore! Bugs can damage the project architecture. They can even crash it, and it will be necessary to start everything from the very beginning (such situation takes place often)! If the project is coming to an end then the bugs within software architecture will cause it to fail. This refers to the fixes that might potentially cost you millions of dollars.

Performance testing service is delivered to make an application work flawlessly. You will be unable to ensure high performance of software program without using this service.

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