Information from Testing Service Providers: Test Coverage

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Test coverage is a metric for assessing quality of application code based on the planned test coverage. This measurement is used to describe the amount of testing executed by a set of tests. The process includes gathering information about what parts of the program are executed while performing the test suite so that to determine which branches of conditional statements have been taken. In order words, using this technique, testing service providers aim to ensure that your code is actually being tested by the tests and how much of it you exercised by carrying out these tests.

If we regard testing as a “process of verifying the conformity between an actual and expected behavior of the program, carried out using a finite test set” then just this set of tests will determine the degree to which the test will exercise features or the code:

  • The higher the level of test coverage the more tests will be selected for testing executable code or test requirements.
  • Due to the complexity of today’s software and infrastructure it is hardly possible to achieve 100 % test coverage. Therefore, in order to develop a set of tests that provide more or less high degree of coverage, you may use specialized test design tools or equipment.

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There Are Following Approaches to Assessment and Measurement of Test Coverage:

Requirements Coverage is a process of evaluating test coverage for functional and non-functional product requirements by creating traceability matrix. It helps to map requirements to test cases.

Code Coverage is an assessment made to find out which parts of the source code have not been covered with a test suite. It lets you determine how much of your code is being tested to see the coverage results.

Control flow based testing is a process through which the level of test coverage is determined based on identifying execution paths by means of a module of a software program code and then writing test cases to cover these paths.

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