Software QA Consulting Services: People Involved in Development of IT Products

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Mission-critical software is rarely developed by a couple of individuals: usually this work is done by groups of people, sometimes quite numerous ones. In such a group, called a development team, all members carry their own roles and responsibilities. Even if you have to create programs single-handedly or together with a friend, it simply means that you at a time or simultaneously perform the functions of all the required members of the development team. Let’s look at typical roles and responsibilities covered by members of the development team, assuming for simplicity that each role is performed by an individual employee. Of course, in a point of fact, in most small businesses, each staff member often performs several functions.

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The project manager (also known as software development manager or producer) is responsible for the product quality, work planning, budgeting and development planning. We will assume all the reports of designers and developers are handed over directly to him.

There can be several product designers, among which are such specialists.

Architect determines the overall structure of the code and data, the principles of data exchange between related programs, as well as strategy for developing sharable and reusable modules. Architect developer can also create a test plan for “glass box” testing on the highest level, to analyze the technical reviews of all specifications and write acceptance tests (meant to check if the product meets its specification requirements).

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Subject matter expert or software analyst must understand what users expect from the product and how to express this using software terminology that is understandable to the programmer or another developer.

Human factor analyst, or ergonomist, has a psychology degree and knows how to design a user-friendly yet functional program, and how to test the product (or its prototype) for compliance with the product quality requirements.

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