Quality Assurance Consultant: Static Testing vs. Dynamic Testing

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Static testing, or dry run testing, in the form of software testing where the code is examined without being executed. It is reviewed manually or with the use of different software testing tools.

Dynamic testing, on the contrary, requires the program to be executed while interacting with it.

Two basic strategies such as black box test design technique and glass box test design technique (it is also a white-box or clear box testing) are dynamic testing methods. As it was already said above, in this testing, the program is run, the data are entered in this software, and the programmer or tester analyzes the results. The only difference is what information is used to select tests.

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There are many tools for static analysis. The compiler is the most popular of the tools. On identifying a syntax error or an impermissible operation, the compiler issues an appropriate warning message. The linker also issues a number of useful messages concerning repeated variable names as well as other duplicate objects, reference links to unknown variables and functions.

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Static program analysis can be also conducted by people. They read the source code, probably discuss it and typically find a lot of errors in it. Here are examples of such work.

Survey or inspection meetings. These are exactly the same meetings which are held to analyze software project. According to Myers, inspection meetings are as helpful for detecting errors as dynamic testing run by expert who is not the author of the program code.

Work at table. Static code analysis can be carried out single-handedly. The specialist reads and analyzes the program’s code. If he is unable to understand what a particular part of the program does, he can work on the computer, but most of the time, he still spends at the table. He works longer than the meeting usually lasts, and usually analyzes much larger volumes of the code than he does while working outside the table. This type of testing can be performed by either the author of the code, or someone else – in any case, it will be very helpful for the products.

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