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Penetration Testing is a security assessment method used to check systems or networks for vulnerabilities. Ethical hackers simulate attack on Internet accessible services so that to potentially gain access to the computer’s data or features. It lets us evaluate network’s or app’s ability to withstand hacker attack.

Penetration test allows us to know how your network is seen to potential hackers and try to breach it not only by using technical means so that to exploit vulnerabilities found by the scanner, but also using social engineering exploit techniques.

Penetration test as a service is invaluable when you want to eliminate IT infrastructure security risks, maintain compliance and understand how attackers can crack systems. Accordingly, conducting pen testing you will be able to know security level of your company and take necessary measures to increase your IT system’s assurance.

Such a vulnerability analysis will allow you to not only make sure that you have properly installed your software or hardware, but also that your company’s employees correctly understand the objectives and information security challenges. In addition, a vulnerability analysis makes it possible to determine how your network can be attacked after the leakage of confidential information.

Penetration test helps to carry out the vulnerability analysis to identify information security systems deficiencies and weaknesses.

Tasks of penetration testing service providers:

  • accurate and independent security assessment of computer / network / system security so that to become aware of enterprise defenses;
  • find the adequate solutions to increase security protection levels of your company.

Pen testing elements

Internal penetration test is run to:

  • attempt to obtain user / IT administrator accounts and passwords by intercepting and analyzing the network traffic;
  • gather information about the available resources for the users of local network segment  (network services, operating systems and applications) and the determine of areas for possible storage / processing of sensitive data.

External penetration test is run to:

  • collect publicly available information about the Customer through search engines, through the registration database and other public information sources;
  • gather information about available shared network resources (network services, operating systems and applications).

Pen testing company is always at your disposal if you make up your mind to use expert security checks and ensure reliable protection of critical information.


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