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Since the term “test case” is easier to pronounce in comparison with the other terms, depending on the context it can be defined as a separate checklist item or a separate test step in a test case, or a test case itself, or test case suites .. and this list may be much longer but, more importantly, that this word should be understood according to the context.

Software quality assurance services are hardly possible to replace with other type of work when it comes to verification and validation of manufactured software products. These are provided to evaluate capability or attribute of the program / system and determine that it complies with its required results.

So Let Us Pay More Attention to the Term “Test Case”

NB! If a test case does not have input data, execution conditions and expected results or /and its goal is obscure, it is not a good test case (in some instances, it is meaningless at all and sometimes even unexecutable).

Stress testing services would be useful for you to check your software application for reliability, resilience, stability by subjecting it to peak workloads. These are provided to understand whether the software can perform satisfactorily under unfavorable conditions.

High Level Test Case, also known as logical test case, is a test case that has no specified input data and expected results. It is aimed at covering the major functionality in the software apps. It does not go into deep functionality. As a rule, a high level test case describes general testing ideas and activities; in a point of fact, it is the same as specified checklist item. It is often used during integration testing and system testing as well as smoke testing. High level test case may be regarded as a starting point for execution of exploratory testing and for development of low level test cases.

Low Level Test Case is common type of test case but it is a test case with concrete values for input data and expected results. It is an absolutely ready-to-execute test case (checklist) that verifies functionality in a deeper way than a previous type of test case. Newbie testers are asked to write just these types of test cases since it is much easier to describe all the data in detail than to understand what information may be neglected without affecting the value of the test case.

Software quality assurance companies specialize in identifying and eliminating all possible performance problems in your IT products. Feel free to contact them if you want to get your work done to high professional standard and within deadlines.


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