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Automation testing company helps many organizations to increase speed and effectiveness of software testing processes.

Conventionally, an Application Being Tested Can Fall Into the Following Three Levels:

  1. Unit Test Level
  2. Functional Tests Level (known as the service layer) (Non-UI)
  3. UI Tests Level

To improve quality of the product, specialists recommend you to automate tests at these 3 different levels. Let us consider in detail test automation strategy which is based on the three-level model:

Unit Test layer

At this initial level, that is the foundation of test automation pyramid, automated unit tests or component / module tests are written by developers. At that, testers are allowed to design the tests to verify the code provided they are qualified enough to do this kind of work. If these tests are available during the early stages of the project, and also if there are always new tests added to check for the updates and bug fixes then serious problems are less likely to occur during the project development process.

Functional Test Layer (non-UI)

As a rule, it is impossible to accurately test business logic layer of an application’s architecture. This may be due to the fact that business logic was implemented so as not to be exploited by the user. And it is for the reason as agreed with the developers the testing team can have access directly to the functional layer in order to test the application’s business logic without involving user interface.

By the way, automated testing service can be useful for everyone who wants to save time and money.

GUI Test Layer

At this very level, there is the possibility to test both user interface and functionality by performing operations that stimulate business logic of the app. It is believed that such end-to-end tests are more effective than the previous automation layer because the latter just tests functionality by simulating the end user’s behavior with involvement of the UI.

The Main Advantages of Automated Testing:

  • Possibility to execute continuous / cyclic testing
  • The strict sequence of testing procedures
  • Much more effective in comparison with manual testing
  • Running long sequences of automated tests
  • Automating operations that require heavy computing

Professional services automation allows you to manage your product development process/projects with one view of the consumer.

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