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Why is it so important for each software tester to verify performance parameters of software products?

Unlike other types of testing, performance testing does not allow you to locate bugs simultaneously in different areas of the software. Imagine a pipe with a series of holes and it is obvious that first you will find the largest one and patch it, and only then you will proceed to the rest of the holes.

When the problem is fixed, all performance tests are run again. As a rule, the results of the previous tests no longer make sense.

Performance testing takes long and in many cases it lasts for a several days. Performance issues / problems are sometimes so deeply rooted and, at that notoriously complex, that we continue to overlook and overlook them, and there is less and less time left for the app’s testing. The analysis is generally quite a different activity, and also takes a lot of time and effort, given the complexity of modern systems.

Popularity of a performance testing company is enormous because it helps to ensure proper work of any IT program. If software does not perform its functions as intended no one will like to buy it.

Simply speaking, performance testing terminates as soon as a defect is discovered. Then, the defect is analyzed, corrected, and afterwards it all starts over again… And so hours and days go by in this manner. Consequently, every bug that can be caught in advance, directly affects the performance testing, as well as the timing and project budget.

This situation is even more obvious when the team uses such the methods like Agile, Scrum, XP. The main task of the tester is to give prompt feedback on the performance, providing the developer with the information about the product’s quality. By the time the performance tester accesses the application, the team has already gone forward. And it is not excluded that the right people are already unavailable. As a result, troubleshooting becomes much more difficult and expensive. Potentially, it will seriously affect your backlog and release dates.

Independent software testing service has proved very effective because you pay much less for the same work done by in-house specialists. At that you will be provided with unbiased assessment of your products’ quality because the professionals are not involved in the development process.

An overwhelming majority of businesses are concerned about security of their confidential information therefore they have become regular customers of a penetration test company’s services.  

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