Usability Testing Companies & Their Approaches on Improvement the Quality of Software Products

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Sometimes we all have to deal with non-intuitive, hard-to-use software with poor or unclear functionality. Moreover, it is often not obvious how to utilize such a program. After facing this uncomfortable situation you are less likely to want to use this application again and, as a result, you start looking for another, better software that will be user-friendly and easy to use, right?

It is not enough for an IT product to be fully functional since, besides this, it must have also other crucial features that attract its customers. To measure ease-to-use of any application, most software developers turn to usability testing companies for help.

It is impossible to refuse that intuitive software brings joy to our life; the users are able to save their time and nerves when working with a high-quality digital program. Again, the employer saves on training costs because its employee has less difficulties in getting a good grasp of the application. And by this is meant that programs of the kind are more competitive!

Accordingly, our today’s topic of discussion is usability testing services that help to eliminate and avoid a lot of usability problems. This type of verification is an essential part of the testing process of any off-the-shelf production.

Usability testing companies involve real users in the process to see them interacting with the software, developing test scenarios, performing realistic scenarios. Such an observation allows the experts to identify usability issues promptly and understand what is causing the participants to have trouble.  

Usability Testing Evaluates the Following Aspects:

  • Productivity, efficiency – how long will it take for the user to accomplish basic program tasks such as news posting, performing registration procedures, affecting purchases, etc.?
  • The correctness (accuracy) – how many mistakes the user has made while working with the software application?
  • Activation of the memory (memory recall) – how much does the user remember about the application’s features and functions when it was not used for a long period of time? (After the time-out the operations should be re-executed much faster by the “old” user than that performed by the new user).

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