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Each application developer must guarantee that their product functions correctly and that its current version is less likely to show improper/unexpected behavior in the nearest future or if it is that the problems will be insignificant or inconsiderable in number. There is a multitude of app testing tools at hand which can help to release beta versions and which make it possible for the users to leave their feedback on problems encountered during exploitation of the program.

Using test tools you can receive error reports, analytical data, feedback and so on. It is reasonable to remember of mobile application testing companies when you start experiencing problems with your digital program. The sooner you turn to the professionals the more satisfactory your entertaining part of life will become.   

So, let us start…

Originally, TestFlight was designed for Android и iOS developers, but after it was purchased by Apple, Android support was terminated by the service. It is free only for iOS 8 system. The tool allows you to involve users in the testing process to verify the product before it is distributed to the target audience. With TestFlight Beta Testing you will manage to invite up to 1000 external users or testers using just their email. Once the participants are asked out to join TestFlight they receive the reference link to the page where they can download official app from the App Store.

Ubertesters is a universal testing solution for maintaining the highest possible quality of software applications. This is an innovative platform that offers a wide range of tools and services needed to launch a well-tested software program that gets highly rated. It is intended to perform mobile app’s beta testing. The tool allows managing an entire bug life. Using Ubertesters you will be able to disable certain testing frameworks.

Mobile testing companies tend to use various tools while examining software products to speed up the process and to support mobile development in the best way possible.

TestFairy offers excellent functions for app developers in the first instance. One of these functions is Video which allows you to record the client side, in other words, to observe users behavior online therefore there is no need make screenshots. TestFairy lets you download, set up and beta test mobile applications.

Mobile application testing service is provided on a regular basis so you can use it whenever you want or need. Resorting to it, you will be able to handle mobile app development and, as a result, produce high-quality software.

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