Scorecards of Outsourcing Quality Assurance Testing Team

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Does your outsourced partner help you to detect software bugs? What about the status the test plan, do you know it? For increasing a quality of software product, it is not enough to track the features and bugs.

Advantages of Scorecards in Development & Testing

There can be some potential problems you are unlikely to solve without using scorecards of quality assurance outsourcing. Software test outsourcing is the best way to ensure the quality of your projects or applications while saving on time, cost and effort.

Your Team Hasn’t  Plan for Every Day. It does not matter since a scorecard is capable of recording an everyday plan of each person. The plan just measures the quality and volume of thinking that created this plan. Without having a daily plan, there is nothing for you but leave things to chance, believing that your goals will be accomplished.

Your Team Hasn’t a Daily Summary. A scorecard can record the daily summary of each person. With the help of a daily summary, every teammate can understand how to coordinate the teamwork and find the way of building a cohesive team. If there is no daily summary, the rest of the team will have to reflect what work was done and what is left to do.

Your Team Discovers the Blockers. It is impossible for the team to continue working until the blockage will not be eliminated by someone else. Many companies often have to deal with blockers that are caused by speedy software development process.

Your team is in a Hurry to Achieve the Goal. Unfortunately, this behavior is peculiar to a majority of software development team members that is why they commit fatal errors! A scorecard of each of the teammates is the tool to warn someone else of the possible time crunch before it happened. The scorecard can prevent the rest of the team from wasting their energy and from rushing things.

Outsourced Quality Assurance Team Provided Scorecards

Scorecards can be provided twice a day. The morning scorecard usually contains information on the daily plan and determines the most important outcomes of the day. The evening report/scorecard includes adjustments and completions of the plan, actual daily production values, the blockers that need to be resolved, statistics on the most important daily outcomes and metrics.

The plan is nothing else but a process of planning. When you change your current state, moving from it to a desirable state, namely towards your goal – you are planning.

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