Quality Assurance Company: Dedicated Testing Team Can’t Fully Replace Programming Team

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Having a team of highly experienced testers does not necessarily mean that you can avoid resorting to service of programmers. These words should sound like an axiom..

Quality assurance company hires experienced testers to verify and validate software products throughout their entire development lifecycle. As a result, customers receive the best programs that satisfy their needs and even exceed expectations.

If the software development department does not have a testing team, programmers themselves ensure that the manufactured software operates efficiently and is stable, reliable and user-friendly. They know that nobody but them are accountable for correct working of the program. However, as soon as this team starts working in the department, programmers relax and overlook some errors in the software apps. (Strictly speaking, the testers do not get paid for this work, do they?)

That is not entirely true. Programmers are required to thoroughly test the programs they write; they should take full responsibility for their correct and stable operation. Knowing the code inside and out, they find bugs faster than testers do, and, at that, can identify the problems that cannot be found by testers if they work on their own. On the other hand, testers examine the program from different points of view and detect those of its defects which are missed by programmers. Therefore to thoroughly test a software program you need to use the combined efforts of both sides. So do independent software testing companies who manage to succeed in any testing work no matter how complicated it is..

This is a well-known fact that troubleshooting done by programmers is relatively inexpensive. The earlier the problem is identified, the less it costs to eliminate it.

There Are Several Reasons For That:

  • The programmer does not need to repeatedly run the tests to find out what is going wrong with the program. He immediately accesses the program code, where quickly identifies the cause of the program’s failure and promptly fixes this problem.
  • The programmer does not have to submit description of the problem to someone else.
  • The programmer does not spend time on figuring out how the program should work. He should not write the problem report, track responses and comments from other employees and print the final and summary reports. He does not do any paperwork – just quickly finds and fixes bugs.

Using professional knowledge and many years experience in qa field, software testing services companies help different organizations drive successful delivery of IT products / projects.


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