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Independent software testing services are used to find errors and shortcomings in the programs, to write bug reports and make this information available to everyone who needs it. Testing service manager does not make any decisions regarding release of the products, he only provides the executive management with information about how thoroughly the product is tested and what its quality is.

Testing service plays a crucial role in the product development process, besides, it can help to save the product’s creators a lot of trouble during both production and post-production periods. In some companies, programmers themselves do the main testing job, and the testing service greatly helps them to achieve more accurate results.

Anyway, the testing service providers are responsible for all the technical aspects of this work:

  • the analysis of a test object;
  • design and development of tests;
  • their execution and documentation.

All this requires necessary experience, which can be considered as a matter of personal and professional pride of the service staff. The service manager should encourage this feeling, which contributes to creating a positive team climate and working up the necessary professional enthusiasm.

As you know, many people tend to avoid responsibility and shift it onto someone else as often as possible. That is why the project management is known to try to shift the responsibility onto testing service providers when the works goes badly and the products do not meet the quality standards. But it is fundamentally wrong. Accordingly, if the project manager says that programmers do not have to test the code they have written, or wants you to take the responsibility for an error existing in the program, you should not succumb to provocation of the kind.

The Differences:

  1. The project manager is responsible for the quality of the product.
  2. Independent testing service specialists only provide him with relevant technical information, giving own interpretation of this data.

However, all this does not mean that testing service experts are not responsible for anything. They are responsible for successful app testing, intelligent and comprehensible interpretation of the results,  their timely submission to the management, documenting of the work they did. But these people perform neither management nor monitoring functions.

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