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Penetration testing as a service is an important and integral part of any testing processes because it shows how good a system is secure. Pen testing service differs from the usual auditor or virus scanning. The main object of this testing type lays in an authorized attempt to hack the information system. During penetration testing, an auditor plays the role of a hacker who attempts to crash the customer’s network security.

The majority of software testing companies provide penetration testing services performed by dedicated testing teams of a highly qualified testers. They possess special skills and know from where to start the testing process. First of all, it’s essential to identify from where the threat may come and the reason for performing penetration testing. The access to the target system is starting point of testing. The main job of testers is to demonstrate what might happen to the client’s system in the case of the hacker attack. In this case, the client would be ready to any kind of attacks, even on early stages, and able to prevent them fast.

The Execution Stages of Penetration Testing



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